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The Who Rockpalast 1981 Sister Disco

Sister Disco” features complicated synthesizer tracks that are the result of hours Townshend spent programming an ARP 2600 synthesizer.

“For this track I spent a lot of hours programming my analogue sequencers in my ARP 2500 studio synthesizer. It isn’t quite KRAFTWERK, but in 1976 I don’t think they were doing much better. This is a perfect example of the progression I was making towards theatrical music writing. I was trying to evoke absurd Baron Munchausen musical textures. Roger sounds so seriously intent about everything that the pomposity becomes real and threatening rather than pictorial.”

— Pete Townshend[1][2]

Pete Townshend has claimed that the song was written as a statement that The Who would never use disco elements in their music.

“With ‘Sister Disco’, I felt the need to say that the group would never, ever, in any way do anything like the Bee Gees. We stand over here and what we stand with is all right. They might say we’re boring old farts but we still feel more at home with the boring old farts than any of that crowd.”

— Pete Townshend, 1978[1]

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